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As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you deserve access to the best resources and opportunities to grow a successful, thriving business. At Charisma!, you’ll learn from masterful teachers and presenters (top professionals in their industry) who have built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Main Stage Speakers

Ruth Sherman, CEO & Celebrity Speech and Media Coach

ruth-sherBoring people are broke. Over 20 years ago “Speech & Media Trainer to the Stars,” Ruth Sherman, M.A., set out to fix that by using skills and training learned as a successful New York City performer to teach business professionals to perform on-stage and on-camera, what Ruth calls Platform and VideoCharisma. She believes completely that everyone has Charisma and can uncover it, enabling them to eliminate barriers and connect deeply with audiences. Instead of boring, they become magnetic. Ruth’s clients include top global CEOs, Oscar-winning movie stars and international celebrities.

But you don’t have to be famous to work with her!

Pat Mussieux, Founder of

PatMussieuxIn less than 4 years, Pat Mussieux has taken her home-based business from zero to half a million dollars after having moved across the country, leaving her 22-year marriage with virtually nothing and re-inventing herself at age 57. She works with women entrepreneurs around the world to help them to take their business to the next level so they can live the life of their dreams.

Pat won the 2012 and 2013 STEVIE Awards for Women in Business – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada, was nominated for the 2012 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, nominated by Chatelaine magazine as 2011 Woman of the Year and Pat has been named, numerous times, as one of the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to follow on Twitter” (@patmussieux)

Pat has been published in numerous magazines, hosted a radio show and is the host of a new TV show launching this month.  Her new book, ‘Stop Compromising and Make All the Money You Want!” was released in summer 2013.

Panel Speakers

Jason Rosenblum

Jason_RosenblumThe Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC protects its clients, products, brands and businesses from getting ripped off, so that they can focus on their talent and creativity.  We believe in building relationships based on trust.  By being proactive and building a proper legal foundation business owners can focus on growing their business, increasing revenues and profitability instead of wasting time to deal with legal issues.  In addition, they gain a trusted advisor that can look at any situation from an objective perspective, provide an unbiased opinion, and look to address legal aspects of current and anticipated revenue streams, as well as explore potential additional revenue sources.

Our goal is essentially to provide general consultation concerning our client’s business with an eye towards legal issues, so that the client can focus on building their business and ultimately making more money.

Sheevan Moran

sheevaunSheevaun has helped 15,000 people to achieve their dream and has trained thousands to have clarity, calm and vibrant health while building their businesses. She is the founder of the I Am Success Now events that teaches you how to have lasting success from the Inside Out. Through her Conscious Conversations for CEOs for 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses, Innovators Circle, Private Mentor Coaching Programs, and products, Sheevaun shares how to have the life of your dreams.


Kristen Domingue

kristen-domingueKristen Domingue is the founder and CEO of Ignite!, a brand development company. As a speaker and coach she helps entrepreneurs create aligned messaging at the intersection of their purpose and personal brand. Her mission is to help coaches, authors, speakers and service providers align their business with their true calling and the right market for their soul’s work.




Belinda Pruyne

Belinda-PruyneAs an Executive Leadership Mentor and Business Growth Strategist, Belinda Pruyne blends solid management expertise with visionary leadership principles to transform emerging entrepreneurs and executives from smart tacticians into trusted, respected, and highly effective leaders.

She is the Founder & CEO of Business Innovation Group, a strategic coaching and consulting firm where she brings 20+ years of experience guiding global Corporate Executives as well as Visionary Entrepreneurs to their greatest success.

Debra Angilletta

debra-angillettaDebra Angilletta is a business strategist + behavioral iridologist who helps women build six-figure businesses and ditch the anxiety and countless hours often associated with it.  Tired of the corporate treadmill, she left a 20-year Wall Street career with clear and non-negotiable priorities; to create a thriving business AND have time to enjoy her young daughter and family.

With only 20 hours a week to devote to work, Debra mastered the keys to creating a successful business on her terms.  Now she teaches other women how to create six-figure businesses and have time and energy to enjoy life.

Donna Moyer

donna-moyerDonna Moyer has been helping businesses large and small to implement and streamline their technology since 1998. Her non-complicated and fun approach to a confusing and sometimes frustrating industry has allowed her customers to get the most from the tech products they have purchased while keeping their sanity.

Today, Moyer is focusing on small business owners and entrepreneurs, leveraging her unique and fun approach toward technology to help them grow their businesses. Moyer believes that learning about technology should be centered around what people need to know to have technology work as a tool in their business… and that learning should never be so boring and confusing that people give up. She is developing a line of information products under biztechflow brand to bring people a brighter smile, a new confidence, and a bigger profit!

Mara Glazer & Amanda Goldman-Petri

mara-glazer Amanda-Goldman-PetriHave you ever found yourself stressed over hiring the right team to take some weight off your shoulders, because no matter how hard you look, you can’t quite find the perfect fit? That was the same challenge Cut The Crap Business Coach and World Renowned Social Media Strategist Mara Glazer had in her businesses until she stumbled upon the best damn Virtual Assistant she ever met, Amanda Goldman-Petri. Amanda had built a successful virtual assistant business and did it fast (creating a 10k + a month business at just the age of 23), so not only was she a great VA, she was great at marketing and growing companies too!

Amanda and Mara decided to merge forces and create the best damn team of Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, and Business Support Pros, so they could help other entrepreneurs all over the globe by taking the stress out of building a profitable business.

Best Damn VAs and Best Damn FB Ads provides Done-For-You services for the entrepreneur who needs help with project management, social media marketing, facebook advertising, email and online marketing, website and graphic design, telemarketing, and much more.

Matthew Goldfarb

MatthewGoldfarbMatthew Goldfarb is a speaker, author, and chief Renegade Officer of Corporate Renegade, a company that helps entrepreneurs stand out through messaging, copywriting and design. He’s an award-winning copywriter with over 12 years experience of the New York City Advertising Circuit. He has written commercials clients such as Mr. T and 1-800-COLLECT, Volvo, Subaru, Viagra, Dove, Apple, Campbell’s Discover and more.

In 2009, Matthew started Corporate Renegade as his way of leveling the playing field for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of his Matthew’s recent clients include Suzanne Evans, Sage Event Management, and Branding for The People.



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