Day 1: CHARISMA On Stage

Picture hundreds coming from around the world to be touched and inspired by your message. As you walk onto the stage, you hear the cheers from the crowd as some wait quietly in anticipation. With all that you have, you deliver the talk of a lifetime with great CHARISMA, grace and charm. The audience laughs with you. They cry as you touch their hearts and souls. It’s so exhilarating! The room explodes with applause as you finish your presentation and exit the stage. Immediately, a long line starts to form as your raving fans rush to meet and take a picture with you.

This may not be your reality now, but it can be! In this ground-breaking seminar, we’ll show you how to harness your star power to build a magnetic brand with loyal fans and followers across the globe.

Day One Agenda – Charisma On Stage
8:00 am Registration / Breakfast / Networking
9:00 am Morning Session
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Afternoon Session
5:30 pm END OF DAY ONE


Day 2: CHARISMA On Camera

With over 4 billion views PER DAY, how can you afford NOT to have a presence on YouTube? It’s the 2nd most important search engine (after Google). It’s the 3rd most visited website and has over 45 million home page impressions in the U.S. every single day.In the same way you’ll discover how to capture your audience on stage and hold them in the palm of your hand, you’ll use your unique CHARISMA to shoot compelling videos that attract ideal, high-paying customers to your website in record numbers. More reach, influence and visibility online. Who doesn’t want that?

Day Two Agenda – Charisma On Camera
8:00 am Registration / Breakfast / Networking
9:00 am Morning Session
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm LUNCH (on your own)
1:30 pm Afternoon Session
5:30 pm DINNER (on your own)
7:00 pm Bonus Content
9:00 pm END OF DAY TWO



Day 3: CHARISMA & Cash

Now that you’ve learned how to project yourself with great confidence and deliver a phenomenal presentation, it’s time to MAKE MONEY! What good is all of this if you don’t know how to monetize your CHARISMA and boost your cash flow? We’ll walk you step-by-step through how to cash in and up-level your conversions, sales and profits.

Day Three Agenda – Convert Charisma to Cash
8:00 am BREAKFAST (Registration, Networking)
9:00 am Morning Session
12:00 pm LUNCH
2:00 pm Afternoon Session
4:00 pm Afterglow


Ruth Sherman’s Charisma, March 6-8, 2014, New York City Metro

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