Command the Stage, Conquer the Camera & Convert Your Charisma to Cash!

March 6-8, 2014, New York City Metro

Some people just have “it.” Charlize Theron has “it.” Tony Robbins has “it.” When you see them on camera and on stage, you can’t help but be captivated and magnetized. Their message is so alluring and engaging. It’s amazing.

What is it about them that keeps us on the edge of our seats, hungry and wanting more?

That “it” factor is called CHARISMA. Many people think you’ve just got it or you don’t. But, that’s so not true (lucky for us!) Contrary to popular belief, CHARISMA is not inborn. It’s learned. And in these three transformational, business-changing days you’ll discover how to unleash your unique CHARISMA to win over more potential clients faster than you ever imagined possible.

Introducing Charisma! Presentation to Profit, a 3-day LIVE intensive for established entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career professionals who desire to command the stage, conquer the camera and convert your charisma to cash.

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Why did Ruth create Charisma? Because boring people are broke!

Ruth-Photo-White-Pants About 25 years ago, Ruth was a successful New York City performing artist singing jingles and doing voice-overs for clients like Coke, MacDonalds, and Ford. But the business changed and she wanted to try something new. As she explored different professions like law, social work, and academia, she noticed something striking: These smart, experienced professionals could not present themselves well. They couldn’t command a stage – or a room for that matter. Ruth saw this as a gaping hole in their skillset causing them to lose business and opportunities to grow. And, Ruth recognized she had the unique ability to fill that unmet need. Fast forward two decades… after having worked with top CEOs and Celebrities, Ruth noticed another gap… that of small business owners and mid-level career professionals who needed these critical skills as much as, or even more than the high-flyers, but who just didn’t have the same access (or wallet). So she decided to create programs that would address their specialized needs. Charisma! is the culmination of her efforts, her dream to help the smaller professional, and it’s the only place these hardworking, deserving business people can get the same information and training the big guns do.

Stop Leaving Clients at the Door and Money on the Table

At Charisma! Presentation to Profit, you’ll discover how to connect with your ideal, perfect customers on a much deeper level. Woo and wow them with a commanding on-stage and on-camera presence. Establish “know, like and trust” much more quickly so that they are willing to buy sooner. Without the ability to connect with prospective customers, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, you’re leaving clients at the door and money on the table. Wouldn’t it feel great to enroll prospects into your programs and services with ease and less effort? No more chasing, running after and convincing others to work with you. With CHARISMA, you become a client-attracting magnet. Your ideal clients seek you out – ready and willing to work with you, with credit card in hand.

Gain a Significant Competitive Advantage

You have a real opportunity here to gain an edge over your competitors because even if it seems like everyone is speaking on stage and on camera, in the grand scheme of things, the fact is almost no one is doing it. And if they ARE speaking on stages and using video to increase their influence, reach and visibility, chances are they’re not that good – they’re boring. They haven’t figured out how to harness their CHARISMA because they don’t know they have it. Remember, they think it’s something that you’re born with. Either you have it or you don’t. The real truth is that most business owners don’t leverage public speaking and video marketing to their full potential. As you learn and master the skills we teach you at Charisma! Presentation to Profit, you’ll become an undeniable and unstoppable force in the marketplace.

Join us at Charisma! Presentation to Profit in the NYC metro area, March 6 through 8. It’s your time to command the stage, conquer the camera and convert your charisma to cash!

“YES Ruth! I’m ready to unleash my CHARISMA and win over
new potential clients faster than I ever dreamed possible!”

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